Recording Studios in London

With you all the way when you use our recording studios in London

  Novacane is a recording studios in London with free vocal arrangement and song composition which often makes the difference between a good song and a truly broadcast-ready track. Our unique flavour really shows in the mix and you can always be assured of a professional, fun and positive vibe.

Pre-production is very important to us which is why we offer free pre-production sessions to anyone having their album, EP, or mixtape produced by us. Before the recording begins we'll sit down with you discuss your music, what is working and what could be improved.

At our recording studios in London we provide professional video and photo shoots at competitive rates. Perfect for the artist looking to release a music video, a net video or photos for a mixtape cover. We offer premium mixtape packages to produce albums, EPs, and mixtapes in bulk with printed CDs and cases and professional cover art as standard. The perfect promotion tool for any artist.


  We provide online promotion for any album, EP, or mixtape that is produced at our recording studios in London. This is a unique advantage of recording with us, as we maximise the exposure your music receives at a very attractive price. An example package would include download links and advertisement on (DAM) which generates millions hits a year. We do promotional mail-outs to music lovers and professionals all over the globe. Please contact us for more information.

We ensure that your tracks are well balanced across the frequency spectrum and up to a level that matches industry standards. If you're producing songs in a professional capacity we recommend you have them mastered by one of our affiliated mastering experts.

Our team is able to provide extensive song-writing and vocal coaching at competitive prices. If you are interested in either of these unique services don't hesitate to contact us.